Are You Afraid of Chinese People?!

As you may know, when you type a few words into the Google search box, Google will suggest what the full search term may be, according to what other people are searching for.

If you go to Google right now (as of this writing) and type in "I am extremely" (no quotes necessary), one of the top search terms is "I am extremely terrified of Chinese people."

Seriously. Look at this screenshot:


[Source: Angry Asian Man.]


  1. Anonymous6/02/2009

    ru retard? chinese are great, especially with some mustard on `em...

  2. Anonymous6/11/2009

    Yo. I'm 1/2 Chinese. We, the Chinese, are smarter than all of them American retards. Just Sayin'.
    LOL :D

  3. Anonymous6/17/2009

    good for you...

  4. Anonymous6/28/2009

    i like chinese with sweet & sour sauce lmao!

  5. Anonymous6/30/2009

    This site was on fail blog

  6. Anonymous6/30/2009

    That's weird

  7. Anonymous6/30/2009

    Pickles are good

  8. Anonymous7/01/2009

    im offended yet laughin my head off of this. i showed this to my dad and he didnt get the funny part. he said this is a racial problem. my whole family is chinese

  9. Anonymous7/11/2009

    to the guy 2 posts down smarter? you think being fat is a good thing

  10. Anonymous8/31/2009

    i loled so hard.. u cant blame the entire nation for what less than a fraction of the population does.. its like saying ur an asshole, therefore ur family is an asshole..

  11. Anonymous11/28/2009

    I am Chinese, why is it that when you type in 'I am extremely' it comes up with 'afraid of Chinese people'. We're not that scary are we? Well I'm not anyways.

  12. Anonymous Chinese, yeah, you're not scary...except when you pull off your face and reveal yourself to be a lizard alien creature come to kill the world.

  13. Anonymous12/05/2009

    uhh i dont why people r scared of chinese. this is nuts , lol ...amazing

  14. Anonymous12/21/2009

    I think everyone is taking this in a wrong way,
    just saying insults, instead of trying to give the valid point.
    I am scared of Chinese people,
    Yet my best friend is a chinese girl.
    I don't quiet know how to explain it, but I guess it's because we don't know much of the asian culture, (or most eastern culture)and when we do, we only here of things like North Korea trying to bomb us, poison scares, etc, etc. We fear that which we do not know.

    It's not really the people that scare me (not for their looks) but for their culture, I don't know much about the culture, only rumors, of terrible things (sweat shops, etc) But if you think about it, they are owned by american companies.

    So either way, the only way to overcome this strange "fear" is by learning, instead of being kept in the dark about it.

    Americans, stop being pricks and acting like they are from a goddamn different planet, it's why they friggin say we are idiots
    Asians, shut the hell up about being geniuses, you guys have the goddamn highest suicide rates, shouldn't you guys be smarter then that?

  15. Anonymous12/30/2009

    Actually, a lot of asian people are smarter than most. They may not be geniuses but some are a lot smarter...
    Example, Most of the asians who came to where I live are the smartest in their class. I'm the top of my class and I came from Asia as well.
    Even though I say this, there are many other people from different cultures who can be smarter than us as well. I'm not saying that asians are all smart and geniuses and all that. I'm just saying that we get a pretty good education and we learn quickly; not that we are all smarter than you.
    The only reason I wrote this is because of the last comment by anonymous::::

    "Asians, shut the hell up about being geniuses, you guys have the goddamn highest suicide rates, shouldn't you guys be smarter then that?"

    You could have said that in a polite way! Example:
    "Asians are not all geniuses as I hear from most but I believe I have proof that this may not be true."

    Thank you, From
    Anonymous asian 13 year old girl ;)

  16. Anonymous1/02/2010

    tah pape tah

  17. You go, Anonymous asian 13 year old girl! :)

  18. 12 year old girl1/09/2010

    I'm nice! :)

  19. Anonymous1/17/2010

    I'm a Chinese
    We are friendly~
    Don't be scared by rumors :)

  20. Anonymous1/20/2010

    I think chinese people are not chinese...they're asian.
    Its just like saying all germans are mini hitlers...or all arabs are terrorist...which just to tell you, is NOT true :)

    btw...asian people are soooooooo Xtremely hot they have good food :P

  21. Anonymous1/20/2010

    Even though they have small dick, they are hard-working and have abs. That's sexyyyyy. Some of them are hot. You should try doing it with one before judging them. Sex tells everything!!!!!

    have fun you dumbass.

    BTW: this discussion is SO stupid and retarded. YOu dumbass racists!
    fuck you all

  22. Anonymous1/25/2010

    Asians, (or chinese in particular) are just human beings. They have they same human genes (the things that make us distinctly human or anything else, for that matter) as any other human walking down the street.
    Also, to the poster above me. There is no proof of penis size having anything to do with race what-so-ever, and your comment shows your ignorance. But you don't have to take my word for it, here's a link that clearly states that race has nothing to do with penis size.
    As for people being afraid of Chinese, it's probably attributed to those individuals having a mild to strong case of Xenophobia. Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners in general, but can be used to describe anyone who has a fear of any race other than their own.
    To "Anonymous Asian 13 year old Girl", you sound arrogant. Suggesting that "all asians are just TYPICALLY more intelligent to others" is both culturally arrogant and culturally ignorant. In your post, you SEEM to be trying to come off as culturally sensitive by stating that, "there are many other people from different cultures who can be smarter than us as well." But then you turn around and counter that statement by reinforcing the idea that Asians are always more intelligent immediately after by saying, "I'm just saying that we get a pretty good education and we learn quickly..."
    Are you suggesting that other races are not capable of learning or retaining knowledge at the same rate you do? Or that other educational systems are somehow all lacking by comparison to the Asian Educational system?
    Hate to burst your racial-glory bubble, but recent studies showing national IQ statistics list China, in particular, as 12th most intelligent Country. Nothing to scoff at, certainly. But the most intelligent? Clearly not.
    But in the end of things, that's just the Countries ratings, and doesn't take account for each race living in that Country. For example, not every person in the IQ rating for Germany (which is ranked 6th) is nessecarily German, they could be French, or African, or American. So really, the IQ is coming from THEIR educational system, and not the actual race itself. And you know what THAT tells you? It tells you that EVERY RACE has an equal chance to learn, succeed, and be considered "smart". All they need are the right tools. Which boils down to this. THERE IS NO ONE RACE SMARTER THAN THE OTHER.
    As for these people with Xenophobia towards Chinese, they should be pitied, not made fun of. Clearly they are ignorant to the universal fact that we are all the same thing, HUMAN.

  23. OMG, is this comments thread for real?

  24. Anonymous2/01/2010

    IQ test are poorly standardised and were designed to discriminate, think about the questions: recognising certain number patterns like prime numbers, square roots etc, putting letters together to make a word. All of those things you've probably learnt from your education system, so how is it fair when you take an American IQ test and ask an African/ Chinese/ Indian etc person to do it, then rate them? Forget about IQ tests and don't even bother quoting them.

    Also the term intelligence is difficult to define, being good at exams really doesn't make you are smart, no matter what your mum and dad tells you, but you are only 13 so I agree you probably got your arrogance from family pressure. Think about artist who are creative and imaginative, they might not come top at your maths class but I bet they are pretty smart too, so how do you measure that with an IQ test?

    In evolutionary terms we are a very young specie, boardly there are only 4-5 major variant genetically from when our ancestors migrated from Africa to the rest of the World, you are not talking about 10-20% you are talking of maybe 0.5% difference in certain gene expression pattern and we are currently looking into epigenetics to see if we can find things like age, sex, race linking to certain diseases.

    When you use the term Asian or "Chinese people" you are just stereotyping thinking we all eat chowmain and awesome at Kung Fu, kidding aside, on an individual level a person is just a person. As a group certain behavoural patterns are learnt from the society we live in, and lets not get into which country is behaving badly, we will be here all day.

    I am genetically Asian but have a very British up bringing so how do you categorise me? British or Chinese? Can you see the problem?

    Please don't try to make connection between race with penis size, intelligence and apperances. . . not only they are superfical, there are also very little evidence out there and none of these studies are good quality (and yes, your news paper survey is not a good source of scientific facts), just think, how are they going to design an unbias study looking into those things?

    Just a Scientist

  25. Anonymous2/04/2010

    .... ok these last two posts need to get a life seriously wow youre so intelligent... are you asian perhaps?!?! hahahah

    anyways this whole thing is hilarious and i think maybe people are scared of chinese ppl cuz of crazy martial arts movies with flying and crazy secret ninja techniques

  26. Anonymous2/04/2010

    i also have to say... im sorry but stereotypes arise from some sort of pattern with truth to it so although they cant be taken as FACT (theres always exceptions) they are GENERALIZATIONS so too bad small-penised guy - asians are smaller on average its just fact dont get all offended its the motion of the ocean anyway geeeezzzzz

  27. Anonymous2/04/2010

    Dude, I am asian and I am the top at science in my class, its not because I am asian ( directly ). Asian have more family pressure, er I mean "support" when it comes to education.

  28. Anonymous2/07/2010

    This is completely out of control!

    Saying that someone is clever because they are Chinese is a positive stereotype. I know that it is not true because of genetics, it may be from pressure in the home.

    Also, the 13 year old doesn't sound arrogant at all. She is merely stating a reaction to what was said, quite offensively, before her. Often you will find that those who are not Asian and see an Asian at the top of their class are jealous. Just a point to throw out there.

    Besides, it is rather irrational to be afraid of Chinese people. They are just people the same as everybody else.

    P.S. I am not Asian, I don't see how it makes any difference anyway.

  29. Anonymous2/09/2010

    No one has stated why they are afraid of Chinese people. Where did IQ or anotomical parts come into play. If anyone has anything intelligent to say please give a substantial reason why you are afraid of Chinese people.....until then stop responding to this stupid thread because there's nothing really to defend. All these close-minded comments about Chinese food just proves what kind of retards are out there. If you want to post a dumb ass comment like that, then state your nationality and i'll find fault in it, so get off your fuckin high horse. They know nothing about the Chinese culture or have made any attempts at getting to know it. I don't need to concern myself about insulting others racial make up to make myself feel, to all you faggot motherfuckers who think you know what the fuck you're talking about.......FUCK YOU!!! LOL

  30. Anonymous2/15/2010

    me is chinese too . yay dude why are u ppl afraid of us. im actually pretty nice

  31. Anonymous2/23/2010


  32. muhammed3/14/2010

    this is to all chinese peoples mum ()..-8

  33. muhammed3/14/2010

    ()..-----8 if african

  34. hahapopo3/14/2010

    hi everybody i am doctor nick

  35. Anonymous3/14/2010

    harro doctor nick!

    and btw CHINESE PEOPLE ARE BADASS. gun powder and kung fu anyone?

  36. Anonymous3/29/2010

    watch out, wnt Greenwell will rape your ass

  37. Anonymous4/01/2010

    Im chinese
    were frendly,
    and not scarey

  38. Anonymous4/02/2010

    what's with the five page s.a.'s on this topic?

  39. Anonymous4/04/2010

    chinese people are amazing i love man balls

  40. Anonymous4/07/2010

    Yankees suck yankees suck

  41. Anonymous4/09/2010

    i am a chinese and i am in set 1 4 every subject and i think i rule. u r only afraid of me becos u no i will out do u in eveything u do in ur life so go and cry becos u will fail and regret this message when asian ppl rule the world

  42. Anonymous4/09/2010

    rofl who is seriously taking offense to this? mad Chinese people, quit writing novels about your hurt feelings. it's funny. if it said "I'm scared of black people" you'd think it's funny. quit stealing the fun from this!!

  43. Anonymous4/09/2010

    you are afraid of cp, not chinese!
    tawanese are also chinese, are you also afraid ?

  44. this comment is like a book o.o

  45. Anonymous4/21/2010

    yo asians cfan kick anybodys ass any day
    guess who made transformers you know megatron WE DID now i dont want to hurt u

  46. Anonymous4/21/2010


  47. Anonymous4/21/2010

    yo am a true asain eat dog all day go to your house eat your cat and dog you know how your mom said he rann he didnt i ate him bitch what now you should be afaid true asian /DANCE battle bitchgo nija on your ass what now climp up your wall watch you waile your asleep wait fo the right moment to attck so when ever you want dance battle all take all you haters and your hater friends

  48. Anonymous4/21/2010

    yo succk my dick asian dude i ate youre moms pussy

  49. Anonymous4/21/2010

    yoi ate your dog made you cry go ninja on you tung le ni hyu bitch

  50. Anonymous4/28/2010

    I'm no chinaman cuz I aint from china, man! I'm Japan, man!

  51. Anonymous5/02/2010

    i think this so dum. you shouldnt say this kind of things

  52. Anonymous5/04/2010

    i'm afraid of chinese people,... & i'm chinese... eh WTF?

  53. Anonymous5/08/2010

    this discussion is so stupid lol fuck you all!

  54. Anonymous5/17/2010

    yo you chinease people you you cant even see properly turn ur widescreen on

  55. They are waiting for the right time...

  56. Anonymous6/14/2010

    hahah um someone said north koreans are chinese...hmm obvioulsy theres quite a big difference!!

  57. Anonymous6/15/2010

    i only found this site cuz i typed in the letter w and google suggested "why am i so afraid of chinese people" so obviosly i had click on it and now i'm here

  58. Anonymous7/04/2010

    i live on chinese girls !! thanks !

  59. Anonymous8/10/2010

    i have a single hair on my left testicle

  60. im not scared of you :D

  61. Anonymous9/11/2010

    Now 'I am extremley afraid of chinese people' is at the top when you type I am extremley... I'm chinese and I don't see whats scary

  62. Anonymous9/23/2010

    The fear of Chinese people actually comes from the "red scare." That was during the Cold war people were afraid that we may be invaded by Red China and what not so it is logical to assume that this fear comes from a an old prejudice against a threat that now no longer exists.

  63. Anonymous9/28/2010


  64. Anonymous10/13/2010

    Wow, made me Rofl though

  65. Anonymous10/27/2010

    why talk about being scared about chinese what how the Russians and there nukes.

    Americans are a bunch of dum red necks and the Chinese cant even open there eyes properly


    P.S Scotland is EPIC!!!!

  66. Anonymous11/02/2010

    i agree Scotland i epic

  67. Anonymous12/09/2010

    watsup my little chinese people. i went to china a few years ago and i have to say that the place is fucked up

  68. Anonymous12/15/2010

    This is the stupidest shit I've ever heard lol!

  69. Anonymous12/27/2010

    Blue waffle

  70. Anonymous12/31/2010

    chinese people are very scary i fear them with all my life.i am afraid of their deadly kung-fu and their noodles and oodles.Can any one help me i can't leave my house anylonger because i live in China HELP for these chinese crazy karate guys seek my destuction with their superpower.i will defend myself with all means neccesery mothe***ers.

  71. Anonymous12/31/2010

    why do you need to approve of me you carzy bastards!!!! i will destroy you with my mental powers in plural.i don´t need your approval i can go my own way.i am strong and smart and it is not myfault that chinese people are scary.
    i will never again comment on this dictatorial website.HAve you never heard of freedom of speach maybe i should give you some fine american philosophy for christmas.i approve of myself wich is enough!!!
    signed the mysterious stranger that lives in China with great amount of fear for my life.

  72. Anonymous1/10/2011

    ok i am very afraid of asian ppl. i have asian friends which is cool cuz we have kung fu battles and stuff not even a joke. I dont know y asians scare me they just do its something about their shifty attitude and overly polite demeanor. Its not all asian ppl sometimes i just have episodes of asian phobia. i really dont think im alone on this. To all asian ppl dont be offended u can just come off as shifty and u always seem to have ulterior motives. im sure its the same way that americans come off as fat ignorant assholes even though the majority of us aren't

  73. Anonymous1/13/2011

    It's because u Chinese have squinted eyes. u can never tell
    Wen they're looking at u or not xD I like asians tho :)

  74. Anonymous1/15/2011

    this is so racist! chinese ppl r smarter than most, all of us are the same!!
    and we dont have squinted eyes. guyz dont be so stereotypical!!

  75. Anonymous2/20/2011

    !!What the hell people Look at yourself in the mirror!! What do YOU see A HUMAN You Dont see Persons like us anywhere in this dammed Univers.
    or maybe?

  76. Anonymous2/20/2011

    Hey i maybe the stupidist person here but
    we are the same in and out so Stop fighting
    with each other. Man what a pain in neck.

  77. A chinese-loving american.3/20/2011

    The reason Chinese people are so intelligent is because it is in their culture to be pressurized by parents to work harder, do things harder, and all else. It isn't because of our race!

  78. racists = cunts.5/03/2012

    oh god. i am half chinese half white. being afraid of chinese people is like saying chinese people being afraid of any other race. we just look different and talk differently. actually i only look slightly chinese and if you only heard my voice you would think i was white, as i dont know any manderin/cantonese apart from ni hao. anyway asians can be smart and can not be, i am half asian and smart, another asian girl in my class isn't smart. it varies. and just because a lot of asian people are smart, doesn't mean you make fun of us, like the "math city bitch" picture is of a chinese man, i find that extremely offensive. i am also quite offended when people do the small eyes thing. oh god. my eyes are actually pretty big and we can see you, do you think that chinese/japanese people WANT small eyes? stop judging us because of our race you cunts, i hate all you racists, you're all bitches.


    anonymous half-chinese girl.

  79. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Look, don't be racist! I am chinese/european and this is extremely insulting. This is like saying americans are scary because they gather in large angry mobs. And some asians are not as smart as you think they are. There is a guy in my grade who is asian and is a not academically smart. Also, we all don't have squinty eyes! Some of our eyes are just almond-shaped! it varies, a lot. So no more stuff on the small eyes. All you racists are asses.

  80. Anonymous2/17/2018

    I am Chinese and yet I'm afraid of chinese as well because they are living in their own world and they forced you to live like them as well. At least western people know manners and respect each other's decision or thought. Since Chinese like to control people, then please continue to keep your circle within yourselves. Don't go to other countries or places and disturb others. Thank you.



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BAMBOO NATION by Prince Gomolvilas: Are You Afraid of Chinese People?!
Are You Afraid of Chinese People?!
BAMBOO NATION by Prince Gomolvilas
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