How Gay Is "High School Musical"?

High School musical is gay.

High School Musical is gay. I don't mean like, "Dude, that movie's so gay!" I mean, it's literally gay. Let me explain.

Since I'm well on my way to becoming the go-to authority on American teenagers (I'm reading both Thomas Hine's The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager and Grace Palladino's Teenagers: An American History), I decided that I needed to understand the multimedia juggernaut that is High School Musical, which has sold a shocking number of DVDs and CDs; spawned both a highly successful concert tour and ice show; has been adapted for the stage and is licensed to schools everywhere; and was the Disney Channel's most viewed program ever when it first aired in 2006. So I stuck the DVD in last night.

The made-for-TV movie is a squeaky clean musical with a Velveeta-cheesy pop soundtrack that is so utterly devoid of edge or even personality that you really begin to feel that anyone who even attempts to turn Zac Efron's asexual heartthrob persona into a teenage sex symbol should be shot.

I guess the Disneyfication of the American high school experience should be expected, but what I wasn't prepared for was the overt gay allegory that High School Musical wears on its sleeve.

Conservatives will accuse me of soiling an innocent little kids' film and trying to push the homosexual agenda, and I will respond by saying, "You know that movie that all your kids know and love? IT'S SO GAY! LITERALLY!"

Zac plays the high school basketball superstar whose father is the coach. Throughout the movie, he attempts to keep a shocking secret from the entire world—he wants to sing and audition for the school musical.

Nothing could be further from his manly (or, more appropriately, boy-ly) image, and his father is enraged when he finds out, unable to handle his son's dirty little secret, a secret that subjects poor Zac to ridicule from his peers. Indeed, early on in the movie, Zac asks his father on their home basketball court, "Did you ever think about trying something new, but were afraid of what your friends might think?"

Um...sounds like a coming-out party just waiting to happen.

You may argue that the main reason Zac wants to be in the school musical in the first place is because he's after a girl—namely, Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

But look at her! She apparently is the only person of Hispanic descent in the United States, besides her mother. In the world of High School Musical, she is "different," she is "the other." Plainly put, she is so different from Zac on the surface that she might as well be a guy.

Indeed, at one point she confides in a friend. "Did you ever feel like there's this whole other person inside you just looking for a way to come out?" Man, they're really hammering home the point, aren't they?

When Zac's singing aspirations are revealed to the school at large, a spate of students finally feel comfortable enough to spill their own secrets, prompting everyone in the cafeteria to sing "Stick to the Status Quo." The battle to be who you are (or as gay as you wanna be) rages on.

Well, in the end, no one sticks to the status quo. It's a happy ending for a free America, but a tragedy of Titanic proportions for homophobes around the globe.

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  1. Hey, you know the twins character, the Drama Queen has a twin borther who is the Drama King and together they rule the school's stage? Yeah. That guy. Gay.

    And what I dont get is that in the movie they potray him as a stud and that all the girls want him. I dont get it, I have a sneaking suspicion that when they shot this film, the filmakers were high on something.

    That would explain it all.

  2. Yes, that's right! In my research, I found out that his gayness is slightly more overt in the stage version. Just slightly. It's still Disney after all.

  3. Of course HSM is literally gay!
    It's Disney--the first strike of many.
    I haven't watched it on the Disney Channel, but I did see the tour version and I loved it!
    Sure it's cheesy, insipid, and gay-gay-GAY!
    But I also see that young people today love it for the same reasons that I loved "Fame" in the early eighties, the Mickey Mouse Club in the seventies, "Flashdance," "A Chorus Line," "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," etc. etc.
    It's hard for me to criticize anything that fuels the dreams of youth, especially in the performing arts.
    Anything we don't like just proves that we're OLD.

  4. Anonymous8/13/2007

    There's even a character named "Sharpay," which is a drag name if ever I've heard one. Thanks to my stepdaughter, I had to hear "Stick to the Status Quo" about a hundred times this year. There's a verse about a basketball playr who secretly wants to be a pastry chef.

  5. Anonymous8/16/2007

    OMG YES! And it's so appropriate to have Zac Efron in a leading role! But as nelly as he is it would be really funny if it was nothing but guys. . . like a gay boys high school. Efron is unbelievably gay. Why are so many stupid little girls in denial about that? Don't they see how fem he is? He poses like a girl every time there are paparazzi around. It's a turn off to see him acting like such a Twinkie.
    Patty Hose

  6. Anonymous8/20/2007

    As much as you rag on HSM it's still a huge hit. You're looking way too into this. There are people all over who love this movie, and frankly there isn't anything you can say that will stop that.

  7. I love HSM, I've watched it maybe dozens of times, and every time I twitter about how secretly gay Troy is, and how overtly gay Ryan is. Is it possible that this is the openly-gay-friendly Disney company's first intentional foray into mainstream homo-positive programming? Also, I am not sure if the director/choreographer, Kenny Ortega, is gay, but he did choreograph Xanadu and Madonna's Material Girl. I'm just sayin.

  8. Anonymous8/20/2007

    I don't understand why people commenting on this blog and the blog on "QueerSighted" are automatically assuming that by saying that HSM has gay undertones, that means it is a "dis" to the film? If anything, it should be seen as a positive...times are changing and more people are coming out than ever, so why would it be a bad thing if children's movies were promoting acceptance (even in if it's in the subtext).

  9. Anonymous8/20/2007

    I absolutley HATE High-School Musical, but I agree that the world is turning more and more "gay" and alot of people are coming out. You can't avoid it.

  10. Anonymous8/20/2007

    OK, lets get some things straight.

    First of all, this movie was directed TOWARD PRE-TEEN KIDS. Essentially, KIDS THAT HAVE YET TO GO THROUGH PUBERTY.

    Why is a 40-year-old (probable) virgin like you banging on a Disney movie? You keep harping on about how Troy is gay because he realized his talent and desire to sing and perform what he enjoys doing.

    Honestly, you aren't in any position to criticize Zac Efron or any other member of the cast of this movie. Watching a Disney Channel Original Movie intended for 12-year-old teenyboppers and then posting on the web about how "gay" it is? Hark who's talking, Dear Abby Of The Homosexual Society!

    At least Zac, Corbin, and Lucas have got the balls to do what idiotic, hypocritical, narrow-minded simpletons like you cannont possibly accomplish in a million years: going out there and doing what they like to do while facing criticism and verbal persecution from web geeks quite like yourself who bag on everything even slightly different from their own lifestyles.


    Thank you.

  11. Anonymous8/20/2007

    i hate hms (and i will probably hate the second one, also, but i am not bothering to waste my time watching it). my teacher made us watch hms one year and my friends and i couldn't hold in our laughter. you can really see in the movies how openly gay it is, just by the way the characters talk and dress. and it is so unreal. who can tell me a time in their highschool experience when everyone suddenly burst out singing, and using corny dance moves adapted from the backstreet boys (that everyone happened to know)? anyone? in conclusion, hsm is gay, and it is steriotypical that all 12 year old girls like it. guess what? i am a 12 year old girl, and i hate hms (as you can see). NOT ALL TEENS AND PRETEENS LIKE HSM!!!!

  12. Anonymous8/20/2007

    Response to:
    "Honestly, you aren't in any position to criticize Zac Efron or any other member of the cast of this movie. Watching a Disney Channel Original Movie intended for 12-year-old teenyboppers and then posting on the web about how "gay" it is? Hark who's talking, Dear Abby Of The Homosexual Society!"

    Who's criticizing??? The article isn't critical --- it's simply illuminating the homosexual undertones that are obviously there. The article even cited EVIDENCE (lyrics, words, mannerisms of HSM) in contrast to your name-calling ("simpleminded," etc.)

    Guys, come on. Disney's not dumb. Yes, preteen girls are a major part of the audience base, but they didn't ignore that homosexuals were going to be partial to this show. This movie was made for BOTH preteen girls and gay males.

    I'm not criticizing HSM. I think that's great how a movie can attract such a diverse fan base. But honestly, stop being so defensive. There are gay undertones!!! Look at the transcript. It's in black and white. And that doesn't have to be perceived as insulting.

    In this article, GAY does not equal STUPID; the beginning of the article eradicated that association. It's ignorant that you'd accuse the writer of being prejudiced against homosexuals.

  13. Anonymous8/21/2007

    I am so tired of the pervs making everything queer. They take everything and put a stink to it. Poor Isaiah Washington get fired just because he spoke the truth. When does it end???? The normals have got to take the world back. It's becoming PERVERTED and totally DISGUSTING!!

  14. I don't care how many queers come out of the closet. It is STILL a disgusting and ABNORMAL lifestyle that will NEVER be accepted. If it were normal. Then by would so many people be against it. I love how BUsh is putting the KABOSH to queer marriage. It will NEVER be passed. As for Disney, I guess the queers put this movie out. Well, I know my children didn't like it and I have writtent to Disney about the subject matter. I'm sure they will be hearing from many parents. I am so tired of queers attempting to normalize their perversion. It will NEVER happen, lol!!

  15. I can't believe the pathetic comments left by garnetrose. God help your kids to be openminded and develop their own minds - because you will obviously not be helping them. How can you refer to gay people in such a way. Learn to accept there are differences amongst people in this world. There always will be and you have to live with that. What if one of your kids turns out to be gay? how you going to deal with that? you need to open your mind.

  16. Anonymous8/21/2007

    wow... i absolutely HATE hsm with a burning passion (and yes, i AM a twelve year old girl, whos favorite band is AC/DC!!!!! rock and roll will save your soul from high school musical). high school MUSICal? wheres the music? all i hear is a bunch of gay guys frolicing around merrily shouting undeterminable garble. My fifth grade teacher made us watch it at the end of the year and I seriously wanted to stick rusty nails in my ears to block out the horrible words coming from the speakers. .. AND YES I TOTALLY AGREE THAT ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS ARE HOMOS! and whats the deal with zac? i wanna know when his coming out party is scheduled for... and hsm lovers, you're queer too.

  17. Anonymous8/21/2007

    high school musical was aimed for nothing more than little kids who don't even fully understand what gay is. u could find gay references in just about everything. my little sister absolutely loves this movie and i admit its cute to watch but you don't have to bash it for your own personal pleasure. its supposed to be inspirational and teach kids to go after their dreams without caring what everyone else thinks. all of you ppl who just sit there saying oh he looks gay, who are you to say whos gay and whos not? just because someone dresses a certain way or acts a certain way doesn't make them gay, it means they have their own personality and don't let others get to them about it.

  18. Anonymous8/21/2007

    wow hahaha this is so funny. i cant believe everyone and the writer looked into this so much. will you just LEAVE IT ALONE AND GET A LIFE. it might be kinda gay but dude. and i didnt really love this movie. but its not like the really young kids are gonna realize this. let them do whatever the hell they want. you're mkaing things complicated. and you seriously need to just leave it alone. WHO FRICKIN CARES. by the way, garnetrone or whoever youare. you are seriously stupid for writing your damn opinionated comments and too opinionated for your own frickin good.

  19. Anonymous8/21/2007

    what about chad or corbin bleu's gayness my changing clothes with ryan, and giving him the eye. why else would two guys change clothes. they both wear tight pants.

  20. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Gay isn't acceptable, in no way. As far as being open minded to it, NO, its not right. Should we hate on it prob not but like one response said gay kids are gonna look back and think when did I get this feeling and they will think about HSM. You all remember that childhood star who you were in love with, well they just created the first child gay icon, awesome.

  21. Anonymous8/21/2007

    i hate hsm too. all my friends love it but im more into action movies and stuff but theyre like well ur not a girl and um ya i am and im not a tomboy either but anyways i realized if kids want to watch it then fine its cute to them but sickening to me and everyone saying zac efron is gay i kinda agree but really just bcuz he dances and sings doesnt mean he is look at grease r u gonna tell me jon travolta is gay too?

  22. Anonymous8/21/2007

    I love hsm.
    I love cheesy movies, I can't help it.
    Anyway, there's fersure some gayness in the movie.
    Andd, by the way.
    I'm a 13 year old girl.

  23. I think HSM is really gay. Also for the people who are sticking up for it and it's cast, I say 'if you love the movie so much why are you even posting on this forum? If you like the movie, you like it. You can stand up for it but really what's the point? After all your annoying fan girl/boy comments are really annoying and won't change people who hate HSM with a passion of a thousand suns opinion.' When all the kids who watched this are older they will think 'why the hell did I think this was cool? Zac Efron did a twirl while he was running, how gay is that, not cool at all.' HSM tried to 'change' the genre of their songs and how it turned out as posers doing 'hip songs that are annoyingly catchy'. The dancing was degrading to all humanity. I give the some of the actors credit. How did they even put up with the gay fair called High School Musical?

  24. Oh yeah, I'm 12 and I can see how gay it is.

  25. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Personally your reading WAY to far into it. Its a Disney Channel Original Movie made for kids as young like 3 & as old as like 14.(even though i'm 19 :D)The movie really means dont be afraid to be your self, do what you want to do, you can play sports & sing/dance if you want, & its really as simple as that. I think if your reading all that much into it your to old, & not meaning lierally your age.

    & also they never expected the movie to become as big as it did.

  26. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Respsonse to -I don't care how many queers come out of the closet. It is STILL a disgusting and ABNORMAL lifestyle that will NEVER be accepted. If it were normal. Then by would so many people be against it. I love how BUsh is putting the KABOSH to queer marriage. It will NEVER be passed. As for Disney, I guess the queers put this movie out. Well, I know my children didn't like it and I have writtent to Disney about the subject matter. I'm sure they will be hearing from many parents. I am so tired of queers attempting to normalize their perversion. It will NEVER happen, lol!!
    Ummm fuck you I am a gay male and you might find it gross or whatever but there is absolutely no fucking need to go on and spread more hate. homosexuals are human's just like heterosexuals. all you are is a fucking homophobe you're scared of knowing that there are people who aren't straight in this world. As far as gay marriage goes it shouldn't matter on the body parts as long as you love the person. Is it ok for 2 straight people who absolutely despise each other to get married but a gay couple who love eachother can't? you need to get your fucking head examined. you are a fucking conservative tool.

  27. Anonymous8/21/2007

    you are reading into this wayyyy too much. It's a children's movie, so stop trying to turn it into something it wasn't meant to be.

  28. Anonymous8/21/2007

    the movie is not gay, zac efron is
    the movie would be fine if zac wasnt in it ,

    zac is a gay tard and i think he should go make out with micheal jackson

  29. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Response to:

    "Honestly, you aren't in any position to criticize Zac Efron or any other member of the cast of this movie. Watching a Disney Channel Original Movie intended for 12-year-old teenyboppers and then posting on the web about how "gay" it is? Hark who's talking, Dear Abby Of The Homosexual Society!"


    "Who's criticizing??? The article isn't critical --- it's simply illuminating the homosexual undertones that are obviously there. The article even cited EVIDENCE (lyrics, words, mannerisms of HSM) in contrast to your name-calling ("simpleminded," etc.)"

    i'll start with the second quote.

    im agree that the name calling was unnecessary. but can you blame him/her? this is a kids movie. i would rather my child watch this over movies that suggest any type of sexual content. as far as the movie having gay undertones... that is only an opinion... the movie was not meant for adults to criticize. it's a childs movie... if that's the case lion king, aladdin, and beauty and the beast promotes sex. simba and nala got together and had a baby. aladdin was being a pervert and lookind in jasmine's window. Bell, a single woman, and the beast when he turned human lived together and they weren't married... however, nobody's complaining about them because they don't have "gay undertones." face it. they are childrens movies... don't you think that it is putting it into the kids minds when you suggest things like that? they do not know tha meaning of "being gay" or even sexual intercours until you place the idea in their mind. they are looking at the movie as entertainment and not as... "hey mommy, so are they saying that is ok to be gay?" nobody was trying to post anything about the movie being gay until this guy, who remind you is supposed to be on his way to becoming the go-to athority on American teenagers, posted this dumb and, like my above quoter stated, "simpleminded" post. what happens when a bi-curious teen goes to this guy asking him on advice on what to do? first of all if your wanting to be a teen adviser that needs a better understanding on the TEENAGE life, DISNEY'S HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS NOT THE RIGHT TARGET! it's a CHILDS movie not the average American teen... watch Freefom Writers or even Boy Meets World to get different teenage perspectives. But the quotes that you stated from the movie does not suggest homosexuality. It's clearly showing a basketball player that wants to do something else in his life than to be a "highschool basketball hero."

  30. wow.....I really want to know why all you basher are even reading all these articles...really grow up and grow a pair....I am gay and I bet I have more manlinesses in me than many of you.......If you do not like "Gays" than don't read articles like this and stick to your playboys

  31. Anonymous8/21/2007

    so what zac efron is gay get over it. the movie is ment for 12 year old kids. let zac be who ever he wants and do whatever. at least he has the balls to actually put himself out there. STOP BEING SO JUDGEMENTALand let people be who they want to be.


  32. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Ok, first - the movie rocks! I'm not 12, but 21 and I greatly enjoy the fun songs on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Second - Zac is a cutie and Vanessa is gorgeous.

    Third - sounds like people need work in this country because they seem to have nothing better to do than bash a sweet Disney movie and look for things that aren't there. Or maybe they just need to be more heavily medicated... just kidding. Go to the beach and smoke some weed or something.

  33. Anonymous8/21/2007

    tht movie was good, u jus hav no good taste.

  34. Anonymous8/21/2007

    OK, seriously, whoever wrote this, GET OVER YOURSELF. This is not a movie sneaking in sumbliminal messages about being gay or being straight. When Troy says "Do you ever think of trying something new, but afraid at what your friends might think?" to his dad, doesn't mean "Look, I want to stick it in some guy's ass, but my friends won't be my friends anymore". It means "Hey, I like to sing, but my stereotyping friends don't think it's cool." That's like saying that every male singer is gay. And I cannot stress that last sentence enough. If you're calling Zac Efron gay for wanting to sing, then what, Faith Hill is just Tim McGraw's cover-up? Bullshit! And Sharpay is a drag name? Are you kidding me? Is Leslie a drag name too? What about Tom? Suzie? And "Stick To The Status Quo" is nowhere near a song about a whole bunch of kids wanting to come out of the fucking closet. It's about kids who have secret desires, and no, not kissing the same sex, that their friends won't agree with. If you're a skater, you're not going to be considered cool if you play a cello if you're in a stereotypical world like ours. Get over yourselves and quit reading into something as stupid as you guys are doing. And because a guy did the choereography for the movies, he's gay? Or he could just love dancing? Ever think of that, you homophobes? And, if you haven't noticed, while lots of teenagers and adults do watch Disney Channel, they aim for kidsto pre-teens. Not adults who know how the world works. That's like Disney Channel making a movie about what happened at Columbine. When they made High School Musical, they weren't aiming to tell kids about gays, they were making a movie they knew the kids would love. And, I can't name five kids who didn't love HSM that watched it. It's fun, upbeat, and as predictable as some people find it, kids aren't aware of that. For your's and everyone else's sake, don't ever critque a movie EVER EVER EVER again, especially if it's a freaking kids movie! Get a real job where an opinion like your own doesn't matter!

  35. Anonymous8/21/2007

    that movie was disgusting and stupid. disney should not be telling children that homosexuality is acceptable becasue it is unnatural to be gay... its all a state of mind and if we are teaching them it is ok then they will have that gay state of is unacceptable for disney to be trying to teach that stuff to children..

  36. Anonymous8/21/2007

    "hot_on_ya_heels said...

    I can't believe the pathetic comments left by garnetrose. God help your kids to be openminded and develop their own minds - because you will obviously not be helping them. How can you refer to gay people in such a way. Learn to accept there are differences amongst people in this world. There always will be and you have to live with that. What if one of your kids turns out to be gay? how you going to deal with that? you need to open your mind."

    I agree completely!! People need to accept eachother and be open minded! Also, you need to stop talking about 12 and 13 year old girls like they are stupid. I will admit some are but there is a good percentage that are smart and mature and open minded! I'm twelve and I am NOT some stupid fangirl who falls in love with a movie star and thinks that someday she can marry him even though they are 10 years older than she. Please, we are intelligent.

  37. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Since when does singing and dancing make you a FAG!!! that is the most rediculous....Illegitimate reason i have ever heard of to point a finger at a clean movie...with good overall morals and values and call the kid who wants to step out GAY....Just because the main character is not getting in the pants of every attractive girl in the movie...and is singing and dancing does not qualify him as gay....Your going to have to better than that genius!!! PS....i DO NOT believe homosexuality is right....i am very against it...but i think that calling someone gay and criticizing someone or something that you cleary know nothing about is WORSE!!!

  38. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Whoa, I have to say I am really surprised at the responses to this post. I took the author's post to mean that HSM is an allegory to a gay person's struggle to come out and decide to live their life they way they want to. Obviously the Zac Efron character is not "literally" gay in the movie, but the issues he faces (wanting to be something different, afraid of disappointing his friends/family) are simialr to the issues many LGBT people face when coming out of the closet. I have no idea why some of the people who posted think the author is trying to hard to destroy this movie for little kids; he is simply making an observation. I assume the audience of 3 year olds has not been affected by the post because I doubt very few of them will read it. That all being said, what's wrong with making a movie with a storyline that more people can find something to relate to?

  39. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Of course its cheesy... ITS A MUSICAL, not to mention it's geared towards 12 year olds. I think people are looking way too far into this. It's not any gayer than any other musical I've ever seen, and how does wanting sing and act automatically make anyone gay?

  40. Anonymous8/21/2007

    OK so.... 2 start w/ HSM is a good movie. I'm 13 i watched it a couple of times and i luv it! & yes i no wht gay means and i don't think this movie was ment 2 show little kids that gay is somethin that is bad!There is a lot of gay people @ my school and i don't pay much atention 2 them. Gay people are dif., yes, but they can't really help it or anything.
    Also Zac Efron isn't gay ( Then why would he go out with girls such as Vanessa??) it's not like he's going out w/ a guy... And the movie is just about being yourslef, and don't be AFRAID OF WHT OTHERS THINK!!!! and my gram ( and i'm seriouse) watches Disney Channel movies and she really luvs the 1st 1. and i watched the 2nd HSM and it wasn't as good but still, It wasn't gay either. and i got a question....
    How did this whole "HSM being gay thang:" get this far in the first place??

  41. Anonymous8/21/2007

    i agree with the post before mine, the movie is geared towards kids who dont analyize the complexity of the homosexualness of the movie. i have never seen highschool musical and therefore do not have an opinion on it but according to what i have read it seems to me that it is indeed a little gay [literally]. however people need to realize that our society is slowly being able to recognize and respect homosexuality and i think that something like this can only benefit the community and help homosexuals to come out.

  42. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Just because it has gay undertones, that does not make it sexual. It just means things usually associated with homosexuals appear in this movie. Sure, it is a disney movie and target for kids. But, how can anyone forget the big Spongebob "gay crisis" or even how many childrens books now contain homosexual characters or characteristics. This is just a way of introducing acceptance into society. This way there are less hate crimes as people grow up learning every person is a living, feeling human even if they don't share the same ideals.

  43. Anonymous8/21/2007

    HSM was made to entertain little kiddies who like music and dancing. Kids that aren't even old enough to understand the story line (assuming you can actually FIND one-at any age.) What I think is sad is the 16-18 year old girls running around saying how hot Zac Efron is. He's not hot. He's overwhelmingly gay! Okay if the gay guys in the world think he's hot, but what do these teenage girls see in him? It's sick girls...Seriously, grow up! By 16 you should be over your little stupid celebrity crushes. It's really ridiculous. The movie is gay, the actors are gay, and you teenage girls are plain STUPID! And I am a 16 year old girl...I can't understand what girls see in Zac. The mere site of him makes me want to vomit! I won't be surprised when he comes out of the closet-even if it is when he's in his 40's. (Like Niles from Frasier.)

  44. Anonymous8/21/2007

    While I agree that a lot of elements of this musical seem like an allegory for homosexuality, I think the need to feel accepted as exactly who you are is universal- whether you're gay or not. I mean, that's what sex itself is about, right? Wanting to be accepted as you are, naked in a spiritual, emotional, and physical way? I think the story is meant to speak to anyone who wants to break stereotypes, whether you're the prom queen who wants to wrestle (a girl I know personally), the football star who likes to act comedically (a boy I know), or the smart kid who wants to indulge in a little harmless fun (Gabriella). I think the story of jock-turned-singer is meant to present a stark contrast, not just a stereotypically gay story.

  45. Anonymous8/21/2007

    ok as for the comment previous to mine i am very dissapointed that adults would show such disrespect towards all of the somewhere around 5 million 12-13 year old kids in the country by saying that we could barely pick uo on a storyline? and you expect me to now give you my respect (adults in general) although you think that i know nothing about movies and writing and plots and subplots and storylines? and as for the whole discussion on how gay the movie is and gay marrige and all of that. first of all although im a 12 year old boy and i dont like the movie *gasp*. second the movie is created for kids in my age group and lower. i dont see why its necessary to state that you think that QUOTE "ALL PRETEEN GIRLS WHO TRY TO TURN ZAC EFRON INTO A TEEN SEX ICON SHOULD BE SHOT AND KILLED" Whether you were joking or not. lastly about the whole zac efron being gay thing i kinda look up to him since he has the balls to do a movie like this and allow people to critize him about BEING GAY for example. say robin williams or someone decided to take a role as a gay person in a movie, would you know consider him gay? besides its not even like hes playing an openly gay person.

  46. Anonymous8/22/2007

    zac efron looks like a turtle. hahaha

  47. Anonymous8/22/2007

    ya'll r the gay ones trying to tur an innocent DISNEY movie into a fag fest. all i can say is what. ever. get lives and stop wathcing disney channel if your over the age of 10 and u think everything is "gay".

  48. Anonymous8/24/2007

    hi everyone, i havent seen HSM or HSM2... but i read all the previous post and that compelled me to write something...
    the article pointed out scenes/lyrics/dialogue which the author thinks as being "Gay"... It was just his own opinion... he didnt say the movie was stupid or that being gay is bad... he didnt say that everybody should be gay too.. or that everybody should welcome or accept the gay lifestyle...
    so c'mon people, lighten up... dont turn this post into a debate about gay vs. straight... or about good vs evil... because it really is not...

  49. Anonymous8/26/2007

    High School Musical isnt about being homosexual. Obviously you forgot what high school is like. If you're in one clique and like someone from another, you're kinda screwed. What's worse, is if you want to be in more than one clique, then you're even more screwed. Troy has both problems. He's not gay, but maybe Ryan is, who knows.

    Why try and stuff this down peoples throats?

  50. Anonymous8/26/2007

    High School Musical isnt about being homosexual. Obviously you forgot what high school is like. If you're in one clique and like someone from another, you're kinda screwed. What's worse, is if you want to be in more than one clique, then you're even more screwed. Troy has both problems. He's not gay, but maybe Ryan is, who knows.

    Why try and stuff this down peoples throats?

  51. Anonymous8/26/2007

    I wasn't planning on leaving a comment, but I feel that I must after reading some adults' opinions on main-stream American preteens who adore this movie.

    Although High School Musical is obviously directed toward a younger audience, not all preteens are crazy about it. As a 12-year-old girl, I am most definitely not a fan of this movie, partially because of the effect it has had on the mindless girls in my school who worship the ground Zac Efron walks on.

    I am not here to make a comment on how "gay" this movie is. I would just like to let all the adults out there know that a select few of us kids are not High School Musical zombies.

    Thank you.

  52. Anonymous8/27/2007

    As a teenage girl in currently attending high school, I felt a strong desire to comment. At least half of the kids in my school - from Freshman to Seniors - love HSM. In addition, I know several people who are in college who love HSM. That seriously makes me wonder if this movie was really geared only towards preteens and little kids. The fanbase for HSM is so much broader than simply preteen girls.

    I think HSM could very well have been an allegory for the struggle that gay teens face in high school. Sure, nothing was said outright about homosexuality, but that's what an allegory does. It presents a situation that paralles another situation, without mentioning the situation that is the actual message of the allegory.

    Yes, this movie is about being yourself and doing what you love even if it is different than what most people do. But then, that sounds very gay-friendly to me. If you are gay, then being true to yourself involves admitting that you are gay. It is quite possible that that message is included in the broader message within the movie.

    And finally, for those who complain that Dinsney is always squeaky clean and wouldn't put anything the least bit contraversial in any of their movies: you need to rewatch a few old Disney movies. I remember that The Lion King was mentioned. Well, in The Lion King, when Simba walks away from Timon and Pumba after their talk about stars, he lays down on a bunch of dandelions, and the stuff that floats up into the air spells out SEX for about a second before drifting into just random fluff. :]

  53. Anonymous8/28/2007

    this movie is, of course, a shout out to all young people of america that it is in fact ok to be gay (not that i have a problem with that, im very liberal). however, let it be known to the world that zac effron has quite possibly had sex with lance bass. its that bad

  54. Anonymous8/30/2007

    Whoa, I have to say I am really surprised at the responses to this post. I took the author's post to mean that HSM is an allegory to a gay person's struggle to come out and decide to live their life they way they want to. Obviously the Zac Efron character is not "literally" gay in the movie, but the issues he faces (wanting to be something different, afraid of disappointing his friends/family) are simialr to the issues many LGBT people face when coming out of the closet. I have no idea why some of the people who posted think the author is trying to hard to destroy this movie for little kids; he is simply making an observation. I assume the audience of 3 year olds has not been affected by the post because I doubt very few of them will read it. That all being said, what's wrong with making a movie with a storyline that more people can find something to relate to?


  55. Anonymous9/01/2007

    Oh shut up!!! you guys are all just jealous of Zac Efron and all of you girls are jealous of Vanessa for being with him. Typical green eyed moster crap if you ask me. Kinda like the if i cant have him/her then ill make it so nobody can type of thing. pretty elementary for my taste. Get Over It! They are totally teen god/goddesses!

  56. Apparently, the hetero population is even more conceited, biased, biggoted, and corrupt, than I thought. All of you people need to shut up, and stop trying to diminish the standing of homosexuals in the eyes of others. All you bashers out there share an attitide akin of that of Adolph Hitler. By saying these terrible things about us gays does nothing but illustrate that you have a mindset like all other unaccepting sphincters out there; you think yourself superior than all who are at all different than you. Why did the holocaust happen? (Which by the way it did, you retards)- Because Adolph Hitler considered himself above Jews. Why do kids all over the world get beaten up, ridiculed, and scarred for life?- Because of ignorant assholes like you, who can't seem to grasp the fact, wrap themselves aroung the idea that........*drumroll*..........
    HOMOSEXUALITY IS A WAY OF LIFE, AND YOU SHOULS EITHER LEARN TO ACCEPT IT, BE PASSIVE ABOUT IT, OR BE CONSUMED BY IT. Stop....."breeding your children to harbor these heinous beliefs. Stop. Just stop. Learn how to coexist. Besides, you're probably just jealous; HETERO SEX SUCKS.
    Enjoy being an asshole. Bye.

    I'm 13, I'm opionated, and I'm queer. Bye.

  57. Anonymous9/04/2007

    this article is great. except how can you do a whole article on the gay-ness of hsm without discussing ryan, aka sharpays obviously gay brother?

  58. For those of you landing on this page, the gayness of HSM2 is dissected here:

    High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay

  59. Anonymous9/10/2007

    really.. IT IS SERIOUSLY GAY.

    but so what? it gives disney the moolah and the fame.. and the kids love it!!

  60. Anonymous9/10/2007

    yes i hate high school musical but i dont really think zac is gay i mean is john travolta gay then? he did grease so he must be then right?

  61. The two High School Musical films were awesome.

    Yes, the do have a message but not the distorted, twisted version you want to cast upon them.

    These movies are clearly intended to be about ACCEPTANCE! . . . accepting someone for exactly who they are. Don't you idiots understand that it does not matter what that 'difference' is. That IS part of the point. It is certainly NOT about being gay.

    It's also about not allowing anyone else to rule our fate. We need to seek and BECOME the best of who we are.

    These two themes run through at least 50% of all children's stories and films EVER made!!!!!! I am a children's writer and they run through every story I write.

    But back to the issue of equality . . .

    At the countryclub where you have to 'be someone, in terms of fame or wealth' to get in, these kids teach everyone the true meaning of equality. Every single person in this world, no matter who they are, have something valuable to contribute to society.

    Whether we're gay or Hispanic or female or disabled, over 60, or geeks or 'one' of the accepted crowd, we are all the same . . . deep down we are all feeling, sensitive human beings with something valuable to contribute ... our uniqueness!

    And, a large number of us are fighting the same battle of prejudice just because someone does not like our 'favor' of uniqueness. That's the injustice that need to be righted and written about!

    You act as though being gay is something dirty! Get off of it! It is simply one of a million ways we can describe an individual's uniqueness. We're either gay, straight, bi-sexual or abstaining. How does our sexual 'preference' make us less of a contributing member of society? Well, it doesn't!!!!

    Zac is a cute talented kid with a great future ahead of him. I do not think he is gay since it's well known he and Vanessa are in a relationship but even if he is gay, what difference does it make? Obviously a million fans love him for who is on-screen. What he does off-screen is none of anyone's business!

    In Hollywood it's a known fact that a high percentage of male actors are gay. Again, so what? Just because a gay guy appears in a film as a straight guy, doesn't make the film about being gay!

    Get a life and stop seeing things that obviously aren't there.

  62. Anonymous9/13/2007

    high school musical isnt gay u guys are that are posting these whole essay about how its "gay"


  63. Anonymous9/14/2007

    so. this is really stupid. i hate the people that think homosexuals CHOOSE to be homosexual, like they get up one day, stretch and say "today, i feel like making a decision that will cause most of the population to hate me." yeah, OKAY. its like saying "i hate all people that perfer Coke over Pepsi" its so freaking rediculuous, i dont understand why everyone gets into such a big fight over it. also, for those who say, oh gay undertones and crap, its you opinion and your entitled to it, so WHY THE HELL is everyone is such a big stink over it? no one thinks exactly the same thing, so why try and force others? oh, one last thing.... for all of those who say it is unnatural to be homosexaul, its like saying that having blue eyes or brown eyes makes you better, just becuase they are more common. i say, we should celebrate the rarieties in life, since we cant change them, we shoul just damn accept them! favorite quote "if you dont like it, dont look!" we seem [as a nation] to turn a blind eye to things we dont want to see, like sickness or homelessness, so why cant we stop forcing other to the way we want them to be, an focus on the other bigger MORE IMPORTANT events, like WAR and HOMELESSNESS and HEALTHCARE! also, F GWB, hes an okay president, but laws abt gay marrigaes? why cant u just let them be happy?

    for all who want to know, ive seen both movies, and i only liked the 1st. im a white 16 female, and Zac is not a guy i would say it hot.


  64. Anonymous9/15/2007

    hey, im a 13 year old girl, ive seen hsm and hsm2 many times because the kids i babysit are like in love with it. sure, there are a lot of things that would relate to a homosexuals life style, but seriously, are you really suggesting that these actors and choreographers are gay? I mean even if they were, its not a big deal, i mean my dads are gay. in fact, i might even be a lesbian, I DON'T KNOW! even i was, who gives a shit? nobody cares if there are some things that might make an adult think of homosexuals, that doesn't mean its based around the fact that its okay to be gay.

    WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? i mean, PEOPLE ARE GAY!! "Oh my god the worlds gonna end" GET OVER YOUR SELF! i mean, get used to it, people aren't gonna stop being gay just because you're a fucking homophobic. You know what, I HOPE UR KIDS TURN OUT TO BE GAY, HOWEVER MANY YOU HAVE, I HOPE THEY'RE ALL GAY!! then what are you gonna do? kick them out? refuse them to be gay? i mean, if you were gay, you would want to be accepted. like think about it you asshole. AND KEEP YOUR FUCKING RACIST COMMENTS TO YOURSELF BITCH!

    oh, all you other peole that side with her. FUCK U and SAME FOR U.

    ok, maybe the movie makes the characters seem gay, or the way they act, that doesn't make them gay, i mean sure, zac would make a very good gay person, i mean it would make sense, but stop talking about him in a sense that he has come out. if he is gay, and he reads this, that might put him in denial and he'll never come out. i mean, thats like if you lived in a gay world, where you were brought up to be gay, or where gay was the only thing you could be, how would you feel, if you were straight? you'd feel like a piece of shit thats pink and sparkly compared to the regular piece of shit next to you. YOU'D FEEL LIKE A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!

    you all should feel like shit for making homosexuals feel insulted at your comments and at ur article.

    on that note who the fuck wrote this article anyway? i mean sure maybe some features are some homosexual traits, and you see that. KEEP UR FUCKING COMMENTS TO UR SELF. IF YOU CAN'T GET ALONG WITH THE FACT THAT MAYBE NOT EVERY MOVIE IS THE PERFECT FUCKING MOVIE FOR EVERYONE.


    even if i wasn't kinky, i don't understand how anyone can think zac efrons hot. he's fucking ugly. get over the fact that hes a three time movie star and appeared on the suit life of zack and cody. HE'S UGLY!!!!!!

    that is all


    oh, and recycle, we're killing the planet. and i want to live my whole life, and have my kids and all of my ancestors live on this planet and not have to move to mars and create an artificial atmosphere and live there. no, i want them to have a life as good as mine, or better.


    p.s. I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Anonymous9/15/2007

    uhm... so if zac efron decides he wants to be in a musical makes him gay that makes my boyfriend a marine gay? cuz thats what im getting form all this. taht musicals are for gays. well let me tell you, my man is not gay, but i am bi. the world doesnt revolve around homosexuality adn not everything involves it. this movie is for little kids, really pimarily aimed at the early middle school ages such as 11 year olds up to mainly the 10th grade ages 15 just like every other disney show.

    plus... who cares? does it really matter if someone is gay? just like does it really matter if britney spears sucked at the vma's? just like does it really matter that paris hilton got sent to jail? like does it really matter? why are people so caught up on things that dont even affect them. cuz i know damn well, brit spears, paris hilton and hsm dont affect me at all.


  66. Anonymous9/22/2007

    Hi I'm a 16 year old
    And I'm not a hater or a lover of the hsm 1 & 2 they were ok I have a six year old sister who is obsessed
    But do you know that almost all of the disney movies to come out have sexual innuedos or gay allegory?
    Shit the frist thing Walt Disney ever came up with was a nazi donald duck I mean come on times have changed but still so what if there is gay shit in there hell I'm bisexual and I think especially what garnet rose was saying is trash fuck it this world is different than it was and you dumb bitch (garnet rose) Bush's last day is 1/20/09 so that means the whole gay marriage thing...?
    yeah will most likely change cause guess what not all people are dumb fucking bigots like you...

    And also wtf is up with there being only one hispanic character?
    I'm hispanic and basically every school in america has more than one person of hispanic decent that was a alittle racist on disneys behalf seriously you have all these people who are white and black but one kid who is latina?
    And I hate to say it but really the kid ryan is soooo overtly gay its not even funny I mean seriously who came up with that and I agree with the person who said sharpay is a drag name ha I have a gay bar down the street and heard it at a show lmao

    But come on leave this alone
    Do we really need to break little kids hearts?

  67. Anonymous9/24/2007

    I can't believe I'm even replying to these comments...

    Article: Awesomely funny, had a good laugh.

    Comments: Lots more laughter but a few of you really irritate me, especially those of you who are homophobic. You need to accept that there are people who are different than you, and you know the best part? Gay people are BORN not made. So if your son or daughter becomes attracted to the same sex, it's NOT due to any outside influence. This may be hard for some of you (especially the fanatical religious types) to accept, but you need to deal with it. God forbid any of your children ever become homosexual because you won't be able to handle it.

    Rant over.

  68. Anonymous9/24/2007

    Gay is not learned, you ignorant closed-minded pigs.

  69. Anonymous9/30/2007

    And yeah...the Drama Queen's....cohort? for definite GAY.
    I really do agree with constant_drama in this one...The director musta been gay/high/drunk/and-or-all-of-the-above.

  70. Anonymous10/15/2007

    I love how so many people are saying "this is aimed toward pre-teens," and "stop thinking the world is gay! BLAH BLAH BLAH" However, I'd like to point out that the director of this movie, who has also directed and co-choreographed such movies as the ultra-gay "Newsies," "Dirty Dancing," "Hocus Pocus," and "Cheetah Girls 2," is actually an out gay male. How can you not say this is a gay movie when the director as well as most of the influence on it is of homosexual nature?

  71. Anonymous11/25/2007

    Sounds like I better watch the movie. Everything I have seen so far he sounds like 100's of high school student I taught. Many wanting to do other cool things but it didn't seem cool to their friends.

    Perhaps in High School in the 70s I would have been in the chior and on the swim team but they were looked at as being gay. Yet very few of in either location are really gay. the one in ten ration may be really true. I would have enjoyed both those "gay sports" but I'm not gay. Its nice today seeing every able to take part in things they want. If he is gay I sure hope he has some kids, it beats some of the ugley "straights" when someone looks good. So pass on the genetic, and keep enjoying life.

  72. Anonymous6/08/2008

    Wow! Some people could benefit from some media studies classes! Why not analyze a film geared towards children or tweens? Or anyone, for that matter? Do you know how powerful media can be? It promotes, reinforces, and/or challenges ideas, social roles, gender roles - entire ways of being and thinking.

    Considering that, perhaps we ought to analyze what our children watch on a regular basis. Who knows what they may be absorbing, consciously or subconsciously.

    That said, different people will necessarily read different things into a single piece of media. That is unavoidable and there is no point criticizing that fact of human nature.

    I personally have no problem with Disney being gay. That would be good for the world. I do have a problem with Disney being patriarchal and demeaning of women. Ever notice the way Disney has presented its female characters? The older movies are especially bad about their portrayals of women, and frankly, though some improvement has been made, I'm not sure I like Disney's newer females so much either. I guarantee any feminist could pick apart each and every one of them. But that's for a different article.

    Stop and think about what the media is feeding you. Don't just mindlessly accept whatever you see or think it is harmless just because it has a glossy presentation.

  73. Anonymous6/12/2008

    What is this bullshit that people are spouting about being gay is unnacceptable and just a state of mind?
    People who think that clearly have shit for brains because you cannot help who you are. I'm bisexual and i wouldn't change that.
    And fuck all you people who don't think gay people should be allowed to marry. I think it's utter shit that it's only called a 'civil partnership' or whatever.
    We are living in cuh a messed up society where people can be married to objects, but gay people can only have a civil ceremony.
    And personally, i don't know if Efron is gay...but the movie sure is...

  74. Anonymous8/22/2008


  75. Anonymous11/13/2008

    Its Literally Gay For me Not In the (homosexual way)in the Happy way TOO HAPPY!!! Way. i kinda like high school musical sometimes i watch it a few time but im not really a HUGE Fan of it tho.

    i don't like it because its too gay and too happy

  76. Anonymous11/13/2008


  77. Anonymous3/09/2016

    Honestly i love HSM. I remember the 1st time seeing the movie when i was around 7, and it was the best thing ever at the time. And i won't lie, i am hella queer, but i don't think HSM was trying to be "gay" or anything. What is being "gay" anyway? I just thought it was liking the same sex, not how people act and their mannerisms. The music is catchy, and I do ship Troye and Gabriella. (My 1st otp ever). Overall, I like it and people have their own opinions of whether the like HSM or not. This article is trash, and I was laughing the whole time I was reading it. sorry. - 17 year old Trans Guy (Ftm)

  78. Anonymous11/13/2016

    To be honest, I've been reading some of these comments and I got gotta say: This was completely... HILARIOUS. But this guy is right. This "Movie" is for Children but it's probably gonna make them imitate what they saw, and be totally FRUITY. They are gonna start acting gay and be embarrassed when they reveal to their friends that they want to Sing and stuff and just like those on HSM. But my point is that this was completely HILARIOUS. And this movie is FRUITY. GAY.

  79. TRUMP 4 PREZ11/13/2016

    To be honest, everyone in this movie looks like a bitch. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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BAMBOO NATION by Prince Gomolvilas: How Gay Is "High School Musical"?
How Gay Is "High School Musical"?
BAMBOO NATION by Prince Gomolvilas
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